Ivory Mask Earrings
Ivory Mask Earrings

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Ivory Mask Earrings
Artist: Levi Tetpon
Culture(s): Inupiat
Dimensions: 0.5 x 2.5 x 0.25 (in.)
SKU: IN0012


Wearing these earrings means never quite being alone. Two masked faces will dangle from the wearer's ears, one with a labret pierced through his lip and one with tattoos down her chin. Perhaps they'll whisper secrets or reminders.
Nevertheless, even should they remain entirely silent - they're awfully good-looking.


Levi Tetpon

Culture: Inupiat

About the Artist

Levi Tetpon

Inupiaq artist Levi Tetpon was born in Shaktoolik, Alaska.  He says "carving is not only my job, but my pleasure."  Levi carves jewelry, totems, and animal and human figures using ivory, baleen and stone.