Alaska High Bush Cranberry Earrings
Alaska High Bush Cranberry Earrings

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Alaska High Bush Cranberry Earrings
Artist: Zoe Schneider
Culture(s): Athabascan
Dimensions: 2x0.50x0.50
SKU: AT0344


A cluster of red berries on a vine with dark tan and green colored leaves beaded Alaska High Bush Cranberry's earrings with silver earring hooks.


Zoe Schneider

Culture: Athabascan

About the Artist

Zoe loves flowers. She makes all types of flowers and make her happy, while she makes them and while she sees them. This is one means that she can pass on her joy to others and hope that they will stop for a moment to enjoy the view (if not smell the flowers).

The wonderful thing about Zoe's flowers is that they will last a lifetime and then some. In a sense, it is a way to immortalize them due to their enduring nature.