Edwin R. Mighell Jr.

Edwin R. Mighell Jr.

Culture: Inupiat

About the Artist

Edwin R. Mighell Jr.

I live in Anchorage, Alaska. My mother is Inupiat from Point Hope and my father is from Massachusetts, he was stationed in the Arctic with the Corps of Engineers. I have a degree in civil engineering and a fine arts degree in print making, both from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

I developed a tile clay body using the glacial clay from the Cook Inlet mud flats next to Anchorage. Many of the tiles are made with my old fashion etching press and with copper or mat board plates. I mix my own glazes and fire to cone six in electric kilns.

The last native Alaskan potter working in the traditional ways died around 1880. She lived near Buckland Alaska, which is about 100-125 miles south of Point Hope. Point Hope has pottery shards dating back about 5,000 years and the village is one of the longest continuously inhabited communities in the Americas. It’s a comfort to think that I’m kind of reviving an old art by collecting clay and processing it for use, though of course with new technological twists, such as using an electric kiln.

Shows and Collections

All Alaska Juried Art Show at the Anchorage Museum twice. Rarified Lights Photography Show once. International Gallery Group show several Times. Decker Morris; until they switched formats and name to Contemporary Art Gallery. Alaska Movie and Image Preservation Association (AMIPA) short film contests AKA Bob's Shorts Throwdowns. Countless University shows and Coffee Houses.

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